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Thigh Lift

At times, fitness and weight loss efforts are not enough to meet one’s goals and expectations of the healthy self image one wants to portray. If one’s goal is to achieve an overall body that is more youthful and firmer in appearance, then a thigh lift may be a surgical option.


What Areas will a Thigh Lift Address


A thigh lift will reshape problem areas of the thighs by removing unwanted, excess skin, sometimes fat, during surgery. Postoperative, one’s body contour will be well proportioned and one will have smoother skin.


The surgery will reduce the amount of excess skin on the thighs and reshape them for a more feminine and attractive figure. 


A thigh lift can be combined with liposuction to achieve better results. Liposuction will remove extra fatty deposits and can be used in areas where the skin has good elasticity.