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Dr. Hess did a great job with my surgery. I am extremely happy with the procedures I had done. Dr. Hess made me feel very comfortable and very safe. He showed he cared and wanted me to be happy. The staff was also great; always nice and very helpful. They made this experience for me a great one! I was never nervous or scared because I trusted Dr. Hess. He is an excellent doctor, which I will surely recommend to anyone. Dr. Hess has changed my life with this surgery. I am very grateful that Dr. Hess was able to help me out and I will definitely come back to him if I ever need any other procedure. Dr. Hess is excellent and I am glad I chose him. Thank you Dr. Hess and staff for all your help; I greatly appreciate it. I am a total different person; I'm much more happier. Dr. Hess is the best!


In October of 2009 I started to think about my 50th birthday which was coming up in November. I wanted something that would make me happy for surviving all those years in good health. It hit me, that if I could find a doctor I felt comfortable with to give me a tummy tuck, that would be a great birthday gift. I started my due diligence, and set up four consultations. I went from most popular plastic surgeon with their high-end offices, to less expensive surgeons that tried to play the part of a high-end surgeon. I was lost after the forth consultation. Then one day I was on the computer, surfing the web, and noticed there was a office not to far from my job. After setting up my consultation, going to the office for my first visit, the front-end medical assistant made me feel like I should be here, very nice, warm and she seemed excited that I walked in the door. I filled out my paper work, and then was escorted to one of the rooms. Dr. Hess came in with this big smile (handsome), and with a warm conversation that made me feel relaxed, which was accompanied by everything that I was concerned with. He was honest, and answered all my questions, with no hesitation. I could not believe I found my doctor. The next step was the financial aspect of it; she explained everything to me, and right from the start, I felt like we were long time friends and she was looking out for my best interest. The surgery went without any complications. If I could have the anesthesiologist on call, that would be great. I am on my sixth week of healing, and it almost brings tears to my eyes of excitement every time I look in the mirror. Thank you Dr. Hess, your staff, and the great job you've done. I have recommended two people thus far, and one will have surgery next month. Dr. Hess, you are the best, and again, thank you so much. The new, and improved 50 year old women, R------

R., September 06, 2009