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Rhinophyma Nose Reshaping


What is Rhinophyma?


Rhinophyma is characterized by a thick, bulbous nose with large, prominent pores. This condition usually affects men past middle age, presenting as a lobulated mass involving the nasal tip. The mass is due to hypertrophy of the sebaceous glands and is often associated with rosacea.





A skin biopsy can be used to evaluate rhinophyma, though diagnosis is often based on a simple history and physical exam. Patients are often initially evaluated by their dermatologist. Antibiotics and other topical therapeutic agents may be prescribed for very mild cases. In more advanced cases, surgical excision via cautery or dermabrasion may be required.


What can be Done?


The changes in appearance can affect self esteem and negatively impact interpersonal interactions, so many seek the proper treatment for this skin condition. Topical therapy can help to improve early cases. However, untreated rhinophyma may progress to a disfiguring condition requiring surgery.